Local Services

Local Dial Tone Service

CCI Network Services’ Local Dial Tone service can connect you to over 100 Local Class 5 switches across the United States and over 20,000 local network route miles of fiber optic cable, connecting thousands of buildings in 95 metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA), making CCI a proven alternative to other providers.

Hosted IP Voice Service for Business

CCI Network Services’ Hosted IP Voice Service delivers local and long distance business voice services by combining the features and benefits of traditional voice systems with the durability and advanced features of the Internet with easy-to-use management tools making business communication more versatile, convenient, and efficient. The service is delivered to businesses over a broadband connection that directs the Voice over IP (VOIP) directly to the network backbone.

In addition to the above listed feature set of CCI’s more traditional Local Service, CCI’s Hosted Voice Service offers locations and remote employees with the same dialing plan and feature functionality, creating a virtual campus environment that allows:

  • Unified Intra-company/ “Virtual Campus” Dialing plan for multi-site companies.
  • No Long Distance charges for calling between on-net “campus” sites.
  • Long List of Class 5 features.
  • Web-based Management portal for Customer IT Staff to make moves, adds, and changes (MACD).
  • Find-me Follow-me Personal Locater service.
  • Conferencing Calling