Case Studies

CCI offers comprehensive consulting and business solutions through our telecommunication partnerships. We strive to build relationships with our clients that enable them to focus less on IT challenges and more on what can drive their business forward. We are proud to work with national companies across a variety of industries and disciplines.

National Credit Card Provider

A national bank based in the Western United States, was using ATT for all their telephony needs when they were approached by CCI to let them analyze their network architecture and perform a cost analysis.

After they received the analysis, CCI suggested using a duel carrier solution with Verizon and CenturyLink. CCI designed the network and built the Least Cost Routing tables for the bank in the SMS database. By using two carriers and leveraging CCI’s spend with the major carriers, CCI was able to save the bank over 1 million dollars in their voice telecommunication spend.

It was an easy and planned transition. Not only was it a great financial benefit, the dual carrier solution has made our network twice as redundant.

In the words of the bank, working with CCI was a “huge benefit in cost savings and network redundancy.

Nationwide Healthcare Insurance Provider

Shortly after becoming a customer of CCI there was a network issue detected with Level 3 Communications. This network error with Level 3 threatened to take the Insurance Provider’s 1-800 toll free traffic offline.

CCI immediately directed traffic away from the Level 3 network and pushed 100% of the traffic through Verizon during this time. This ensured minimal interference for the Insurance Provider’s telephony centers. Once the issue was resolved, the company was moved back to its original redundant 1-800 map for normal operations.

The Insurance Provider credits CCI’s “redundant network to keeping their service up and their clients uneffected during a nationwide outage.

Nationwide Trucking Company

A National Truck Carrier had a new location that needed to go on line 3 weeks prior to the anticipated fiber roll out date.

CCI saved the day by getting our temporary Verizon Mobile 4G wireless network up in 3 days that allowed us to start production in the office early. CCI then proceeded to get a wireless microwave solution up in under a week. This gave this company full anticipated bandwidth while we waited for our fiber solution to be installed.

“They always are going the extra mile when it comes to anything in telecommunications. They also have the best customer service in the telecom business. Any time day or night, we can count on them to help us get our problems solved”.

According to the Trucking Company, CCI provided the “best customer service and response by any telecom company in the industry.

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