SD-WAN optimizes office internet for cloud applications and site-to-site VPN traffic. We do this by providing a stress-free way to utilize multiple providers to build a higher-performance connection over commodity broadband. The end-result gives your customers:

  • Intelligent load-balancing across connections from different providers
    • 10 packets/second monitoring
    • Measuring packet loss, latency, jitter, and throughput
    • Chooses the best path for a given app in real-time
  • Bi-directional QoS prioritization over coax, DSL – any internet circuit
    • Dynamically adapts to varying circuit throughput
    • Adaption via tunnel constriction at ingress and egress
    • Automatically identifies QoS-dependent traffic
  • Same IP failover without dropping any sessions
    • IP addresses issued via core clusters
    • Seamlessly move apps between circuits without dropping sessions
    • Benefits of BGP without the hassle

CCI Advantage

Comes with a single point of contact for complete carrier management, customized account planning, effective provisioning, superior support and consolidated billing statements.


We were skeptical of the service commitments promised in the beginning. After being a customer for more than four years, the company has far exceeded anything we could have imagined. CCI is the best when it comes to getting things with carriers done fast.

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