CCI Solutions


CCI Network Services recognized that maintaining the internal resources necessary to manage your Telecommunication Services can create additional costs, put an unnecessary stress on internal channels and prevent more important work from being completed. We see the advantage of offering unique solutions for your business needs to best maximize your company’s productivity. Let CCI’s wide offering of unique solutions take the stress out of everyday telecommunication planning.

Carrier Management

In today’s busy and fast paced world…where employees are often subject to learning the finer details of multi-tasking to best meet all presented deadlines, few enterprises have the time necessary to understand and find the best-fit solutions for their telecommunications services.


CCI sees the value in offering our customers options for their telecommunications needs. One of the solutions we can provide to customers is a secure, off-site housing for servers, routers and modem banks, as well as network transport or data switch equipment.

Custom Billing

To augment CCI’s consolidated billing, we offer a variety of custom billing to fit your needs.


CCI Network Services has had a long and successful history with our Wholesale Sales Channel. Whether you’re a facilities based carrier or a reseller looking to get started, we can help you maximize your quality and savings through our various carrier relationships.

In-House RespOrg

RespOrg (an acronym for “responsible organization”) is a term that refers to the companies that have access to the Service Management System, the database that controls routing on all toll-free telephone numbers.